Skin Needling

It’s boosting collagen with confidence

skin needling

Skin Needling (Dermal rolling) stimulates the production of your collagen to create smoother, healthier skin. It reduces acne scarring, stretch marks, fine lines, pigmentation, enlarged pores, blackheads and scarring.

How Skin Needling works

Skin Needling can be performed in two ways. Dermal Rolling, using the cosmedical DNC derma roller or Micro Needling, using the Wireless Tri-M Pen. Your therapist will advise which option is best for you and your skin goals. The treatment involves applying a small roller made of tiny needles to the surface of the skin. The roller creates tiny puncture channels that encourage an organic collagen renewal and regeneration response. This wound healing response is what stimulates new collagen and elastin formation which then assists with plumping out fine lines, wrinkles and acne scarring. It also reduces the appearance of pigmentation, enlarged pores and stretch marks.


At your complimentary consultation, your therapist will create a tailored preparation plan based on your skin type. Adhering to your preparation plan is key to achieving optimum results from your Skin Needling treatment.

Skin Needling Aftercare

Any redness and irritation will subside within 3-4 hours. For the first 48 hours, avoid excessive sun exposure, saunas and exercise. Aftercare may require Skinsitut’s Gentle Cleanser, Enzymatic Micro Peel, Rejuvenate 15, Age Defense 50+ & DNC Home Roller as per advice from your therapist.

For your best Skin Needling results

For optimum results, we recommend a total course of 4-6 treatments with each treatment spaced monthly. Top tip: team Skin Needling with Yellow LED Light Therapy to accelerate the healing process. By adding the LED Light Therapy treatment to your Skin Needling session, you will energise the cells so they function at full potential. This further stimulates the production of collagen and elastin and leaves the skin more radiant and youthful. The mineral-rich Skinstitut Rejuvenate Serum is a perfect product to help maintain results. It is designed to accelerate skin renewal and increase skin firmness andelasticity.


Micro Needling from Skinstitut